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Rosetto® Captures Prestigious ChefsBest® Award for Best Taste


Darryl Mazow, President, ChefsBest®
darrylm@chefsbest.org, (415) 568-2659
Kim McGowan, Category Group Manager
Frozen Foods and Non-Dairy Beverages, The Hain Celestial Group, Inc.
Kim.McGowan@hain-celestial.com, (631) 730-2448

Rosetto® Captures Prestigious ChefsBest® Award for Best Taste

San Francisco, CA (April 1, 2012) – In a recent blind judging competition for overall quality, the independent professional chefs at the American Culinary ChefsBest® Center for Taste awarded several Rosetto® items the 2012 ChefsBest® Award for Best Taste in the Frozen Filled Pasta category.

The Rosetto products rated highest in Overall Quality above all leading brand competitors by ChefsBest® include Cheese Ravioli, Beef Ravioli and Cheese Tortellini.

Kim McGowan, Category Group Manager for the Frozen Food Division at The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. comments “We are excited to have been awarded this prestigious award in the food industry. The fact that our delicious Rosetto® products will carry the ChefsBest® “Best Taste” award will assure our consumers that they are buying the best tasting frozen pasta.”

“Food is the third largest annual expenditure in American households. Consumers can be assured they are making the best, most informed buying decision at the grocery store when they choose ChefsBest® products such as Rosetto® Ravioli or Tortellini,” said Darryl Mazow, President of ChefsBest®.

Mazow said the ChefsBest® judging process follows a strict, proprietary protocol. All of the ChefsBest® judging competitions are performed so the chef panelists do not know which leading American brands are being evaluated. To further ensure objectivity, the products are served in random order with only a three-digit code identifying product samples.

The products are then judged on varying dimensions of aroma, taste, texture, and quality. To receive the ChefsBest® Award for Best Taste, a brand must meet ChefsBest’s® quality standards and be rated above the competition. In the event that no product does not meet these quality standards, no ChefsBest® Award is given.

In addition to being professionally-trained in the culinary arts, Mazow said all of the ChefsBest® chef panelists are certified as Master Tasters™. They have been rigorously trained and screened for palate acuity. This screening ensures the chefs’ taste buds are sophisticated enough to detect various flavor nuances. In fact, to protect these “prized” taste buds, chefs avoid caffeine and cannot smoke, drink or eat spicy food for several hours before judging to prevent any residual flavors from tainting the products being judged.

To uphold the high integrity standards for the ChefsBest® Award, Mazow said the judging process is protected from outside influence. Products are procured nationwide in the U.S. by ChefsBest®, just as a consumer would. ChefsBest® determines categories and performs testing independently of manufacturers. Only one brand within the category can earn the ChefsBest® Award for Best Taste. There are no second or third place awards so consumers can be sure they are getting the best product.

ChefsBest® award winning products are easily identified by the three chef heads profiled on the double gold medallion.


Rosetto® Cheese Ravioli, Beef Ravioli and Cheese Tortellini contain only the finest ingredients to create tender pasta bursting with hearty Italian cheeses, meat, herbs and spices. Strict quality control and manufacturing practices ensure that all Rosetto frozen pasta products are of the highest quality and best taste, making them the #1 brand of Frozen Pasta* in the Grocery Frozen Pasta category. From family dinners to special occasions, Rosetto stuffed pasta is America's favorite. It's the pasta “stuffed with the good stuff®”, fresh frozen and ready in 6 minutes or less!

Rosetto Cheese and Beef Ravioli are available in 25 oz. bags (about 5 servings) and Rosetto Cheese Tortellini is available in a 19 oz. bag (about 4.5 servings) All can be found in the frozen pasta aisle of your favorite Grocery store. SRP for Ravioli: $4.29; SRP for Tortellini: $4.59.

For more information about Rosetto® frozen pasta, log onto www.rosetto.com. For other natural and organic food and personal care products log onto www.hain-celestial.com.

*AC Nielsen 52 weeks ending 2/18/12

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